Secrets to conversation

Never, never ever do this at your next interview…




A job interview is like dating — you want to seem interested but not overly interested to the point where you’re undesirable — available but in demand, agreeable but with limits. (Andrew Klappholz) 



Anothony Balderrama wrote “A job search isn’t the same as a quest for true love, but it can often result in desperation.” Think about it: If you don’t have a job, you don’t have money to pay the bills. For many people, a job search is linked to survival. Who wouldn’t get desperate after a while?


In a tough economy where one open position can attract numerous qualified candidates and you’ve been job seeking for some time, on occasion it might seem difficult to hide your feelings of desperation.


You might think, “Won’t I impress my future boss if I prove I’m willing to do anything to get the job?” 


When your the employer interviewing with somebody whose desperation keeps coming through often makes you feel sorry for the person, but they  don’t hire them!


Why not? Didn’t they feel bad for them?

Robin Ryan author of “60 Seconds and your Hired” wrote:

“the desperation turns them off and often makes them question your competency. They are afraid that person doesn’t want their particular job, they just want any job and to the employer you wanting their job is what’s most important. You want to appear as if there are other opportunities on your horizon.But if you transmit that your desperate to the employer in the interviewer, it can hurt your chances of getting hired.




Valuable tips to use at your next interview


1) Prove that the company would be fortunate to have you, and not vice versa. Don’t be cocky, but act like you’re ready for the job because it’s the right fit and not because it’s available now.


2) Have proof of your accomplishments so you can show the hiring manager that you deliver results.


3)Show interest in the company. Employers like to know that you care about more than dollar signs, so do a little research on the company and even the interviewers if possible.


4) Practice your interview answers so you don’t say  a bad answer. For example, your answer to “Why do you want this job?” shouldn’t include that your broke and this month’s rent is due next week!

5)Make a list of the reasons you are the best candidate for the job. You can’t convince a hiring manager that you’re the best choice for the position if you don’t believe it yourself. The best way to convince yourself is to look at all your best qualities.


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