Secrets to conversation

3 Amazing,Proven techniques on starting conversations

Networking (1)




Have you ever walked away from talking with someone that you’ve just met and thought to yourself “Wow, this was one great conversation I have had!”


Well, if you have had those experiences then  you must continue to have other exceptional, fun,positive and interesting conversations. But how??


You need to start having conversations and today I will be teaching you three amazing, proven and quick ways to start conversations that will:


  • Leave a powerful  impression


  • Break the ice smoothly


  • Have another fun, positive and interesting conversation

1. Who are you?


This is a direct opener! It is important to deliver it with confidence but no aggression or conceitedness . If you cannot say this from a place of confidence and power, they will respond aggressively. The delivery for this technique is critical.


2. Talk to people who are alone.


No one wants to be alone at a party or networking event. It is vital that after you build that initial connection to take them and go talk to other people.

Now, when you go chat up others, decide in this interaction if you want to continue talking with this person. But now be careful because when you talk to someone who is alone for too long and do not transition to other people, they will latch onto you.

Sometimes there is a reason they are alone. The magic in this technique is that by doing this repeatedly, you meet many more people. And by initiating conversations, others intuit you as a powerful and likable person.


3. Look at their feet and eyes!

Look for conversations that are going poorly and dragging on. To spot these interactions, look at people’s feet. When people feet are facing away from others in the interaction that means that they want to leave.

And the eyes, if people are not holding eye contact that means that their attention is elsewhere. These are prime targets to come in and rescue conversations.





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