Secrets to conversation

Another excellent conversation starter for all men

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Would you want to know another excellent conversation starter that you can use right now?


Do you want to stand out and look classy, fancy, handsome and even unique?


Well if you said yes to both then……

Pocket Squares are the way to go!

Want to learn easy ways on “How to Rock a Pocket Square: An Illustrated Guide


How To Properly Rock A Pocket Square

According to Real Men Real Style

(The best place for men to go for fashion advice. Antonio is so eloquent and knowledgeable that he makes you wan to dress better immediately. Do what he says!)


The whole point of a pocket square is to give you the way and the means to stand out in a room full of other men wearing jackets and give you a further way of expressing your personality through your clothing.


Now that I pointed it out you know this specific pocket square is not just a decoration but that it sends a message to those in the know.


You see that’s the brilliant thing about pocket squares – once you start to wear them you’re going to look around you and notice that this is something most well-dressed men who pay attention to details wear.


Wearing a pocket square is sending the signal you’re a man who cares about the details!







The best thing for me about pocket squares is that they are an effective conversation starter! (Steven D. Patzer)


Now, personally I always wear a pocket square because I want to look classy and its an amazing way to start conversations.


And the best part about it is that many times you don’t even have to start the interaction!

This is marvelous if you’re like many men who may not be confident enough to just walk up to a complete stranger and strike up a conversation.


There will be many occasions when people will compliment on your pocket square because it gives your outfit a flair and it attracted their eyes! And from that point on you can continue the conversation and your pocket square did the hard work which was to “Break the ice”!


Two Important rules to follow when wearing a pocket square

These two rules are the most important for me but if you wish to read about the other crucial rules when wearing a pocket square go to:




(I love the ten commandments of the pocket square written by Adriano DIRNELLI because its so simple to understand and he knows his pocket squares.  So listen to him!)


1. Never spend  (TOO MUCH) on a pocket square

2. Never ever match the tie and pocket square!







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