Secrets to conversation

An app that will change your life and conversation skills forever?


What if i told you that just by looking at a mans wallet and watch you can tell immediately what type of person he is and what types of conversation starters you can use with that particular man! Would you be interested in knowing?

What if I told you that from now on you can go to any event and have lots of open-ended questions that you can access anytime that will make your conversations much better!

What if I told you that now you will be able to avoid awkward silences no matter where you go and with whom you are speaking with?

Am I selling you something?

Of course not but i do want to let you know that all of this is possible for you to learn and you can get all this information and its only a download away!  

As a conversationalist and a Public speaker who has taught thousands on becoming the ultimate conversationalist i have found a little while back an app called “Blush No More” created by Mark Macias that I have enjoyed using. I love to use this app before going to any venues or events and just look at some open creative ended questions that I can use throughout the event and have interesting conversations with others.

Many reviews have called it  “the ultimate dinner party app”  able to feed you a conversation starter at just the right time.

 It is also been said that it has been “designed to take the awkward silence out of both dating and networking, acting as a ‘cheat sheet’ that can offer hundreds of questions depending on the type of event.”

The app also tutors the user in body language. “It also provides gimmicks with visual aids (for example – a purse, wallet or watch) that take any conversation to a higher level.”

And that’s what got my attention when I downloaded the application. There is a section that reveals people’s personality just by observing their accessories like purses, watches and wallet.

Now that was a feature that I found quite engaging and was the first section I dived into. You have to see how good of information this  section contains.

But what specifically does it say? Let me show you this one section!

Man’s Wallet

A mans wallet gives clues to whether he is messy, organized, cheap or irresponsible.

    1. No wallet– This should be a major red flag. No wallet tells us that this certain man is irresponsible and has no money. You should ask him funny questions

    2. The money clip– This man is a show off. Is there a reason that all his 100’s and 50’s have to be taken out at once? You should definitely ask him work related questions.

    3. The Velcro wallet– This man has a boy-like spirit, yearning for his teenage years. Ask him light-hearted questions.

    4. The single fold wallet– A very common wallet and this wallet makes the man appear to have some structure in his life. Ask him work or money related questions.

   5. The bulging wallet– The bulging wallet suggests to people that you are a hoarder or a pack-rat. Ask him questions that revolve around himself.

  6. The Card holder wallet– This is the efficient man. He’s comfortable in his own skin because he doesn’t feel the need to impress anyone with his material wealth or credit cards. Ask him smart questions

Men’s Watch

The watch is the only jewelry most men wear, so it reveals insight into the statement he wants to send to others.
  1. No watch– A man who doesn’t wear a watch has adapted to the new generation where time comes from phones. Ask him questions that are related to pop culture.

    2. Classic watch– It has a leather band and simple face. It never goes out of style. He is a classic guy who probably doesn’t care about the latest trends, since his watch transcends generations. Stay away from questions that revolve around money or work.

    3. Trendy watch– This is a fashion-forward watch that is advertised in men’s magazines. This man cares about himself and wants to be on top of the latest trends. Ask him questions that involve fashion trends and pop culture.

    4. Statement watch– This is an attaching-grabbing watch with diamonds and gold that grab your eye. Ask him questions that revolve around himself.

    5. The Functional watch– This is a watch that a man can wear at the gym or work. He can wear it underwater, drop it on the floor or wear it with jeans. Ask this guy questions about sports and adventure.

Wasn’t that mind-boggling and interesting? Next time you go out and just by looking at two different types of men accessories you can tell a lot about them in just a matter of a look so i would suggest everyone to….

Please don’t forget to download the app and remember  its free!!!

Get it and its a simple tool that will get you on the path of becoming an “Ultimate Conversationalist”!


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