Secrets to conversation

Try these 2 cool party tricks on your friends and see them fail every time


Here are 2 cool party tricks or pranks that you can use to outsmart your friends and family and even though they are simple they will be mind-blowing stunts.

STOP the boring conversations and…….how about try something new?

It’s always great to have in mind a couple of easy party tricks that you can pull off to have a funny and gratifying time. Changeling your buddies with  these two party tricks with their body in front of a crowd will make you the fun, intriguing  lady or gentleman that people will flock too. And to be honest there are super fun that 98 percent of the people will not be able to do it!

Try this fun trick on your friends. No matter how hard they try, they won’t be able to pick up the dollar!

  1. Pick Up the Bill

What You Need:

  • A dollar bill
  • A wall
  • A friend


  1. Have your friend stand against a wall with his heels touching the wall.
  2. Place the dollar on the floor in front of him.
  3. Ask your friend to lean down and pick the dollar bill up without bending his knees and without moving his feet.
  4. Your friend can’t do it. He’ll fall over if he tries too hard!

So as you can see you will always win. It will be impossible to pick up the bill that is on the floor! But always remember to present this stunt as something bigger. Don’t just say it’s a simple stunt, you want to make it engaging that the whole crowd will be watching. And if you think about it you don’t have to do anything! Just make the situation much more intense, fun and watch everyone that tries just completely fail.

What you can also do is instead of putting a 1 or 5 dollar bill try to put a higher denomination bill to make the stakes higher. But deep inside of you are guaranteed to not lose your money. Sounds too good to be true? All you got to do is try it out and see the satisfying results of victory and awesomeness.


This one is so easy but it seems like it would be so challenging  but its a breeze once you see the secret…

Before you go out and challenge people with this cool party trick  you should first try to do it yourself. But what is it?

Begin by placing any object (coin,toy,book,pen and etc) on your right hand and while you do this you must stand up and have both arms stretched out to the sides. Now the challenge is to have the item go from your right hand to the left hand with your arms still outstretched!

But you cannot:

  • Don’t bend your elbows
  • Don’t bring your arms together 
  • Don’t bend your wrists

Now what in the world is the secret?

All you got to do is simply tilt your body sideways to place the object on the table using one outstretched arm. Then with your arms still unbending turn around and tilt over the other way to pick up the object with your other hand.

Hands down, this is the easiest thing to pull on a friend! Enjoy the ultimate 2 cool party tricks and tell me how it went by commenting. Thank you!


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