Secrets to conversation

All you need is this 1 quick phrase to politely interrupt someone who doesn’t shut up!


Have you ever been in a conversation where you ask a simple dead on question and they just begin to tell you everything else except a simple answer to your question?

Why does this happened? Its very simple…. They just got sidetracked!

Many times we just want to go ahead and tell them “Can you just get to the point!!!” But we all know that using harsh phrases like this can hurt the other person and immediately conflict will arise.

But the question is how can we interrupt without being rude, get our answer and still continue the conversation?

I will admit sometimes it can frustrating to speak to someone who goes off course because you are getting something that you never asked for. So let me tell you a quick phrase that in any occasion you can implement it to politely interrupt someone and steer the conversation back to track.

The phrase that will do its job is : So you were telling me….

“So you were telling me…”

But then what? What can you say after this?

You begin with “So your telling me and continue the sentence by saying the last phrase the other individual mentioned. When people hear you say this people will respond and nod but will realize that they actually went off track and will revert back to the original question.


Martha: So the last time I went to the bakery was last Friday at around noon:

Emily: So you were telling me that you went last week to the bakery around noontime correct?

Martha: Yes correct but I’m sorry what was your question again?

And the best part is that you never offended them because you interrupted them by really saying that you were listening to them. Go ahead and try it out and you will not be disappointed.


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