Secrets to conversation

Learn in 5 minutes the mathematical card trick that will amaze the whole room


Wouldn’t you love to learn an exceptional unique ice breaker that will fry the crowd’s mind with just a normal deck of cards anytime, anywhere?

Icebreakers as the name suggests, are designed to “break the ice” at an event, meeting or even at a get together. The technique is often used when people may not know each other at all. And many times we will find ourselves in these types of situations probably at work, during networking events or even at somebody house. In many occasions we begin to ask the same old boring questions that probably has been heard a 1000 times!

So how about we change it up for a little while. How about we begin the conversation with a little uniqueness by utilizing a deck of cards to make the situation a bit more enjoyable. Now many times wherever we go there is a high possibility to find a deck of cards. Everyone at some point in their life has played some type of card game. But instead of playing a game, how about we use the cards to create a miracle and just have fun with the people around us.

This card trick is based on a mathematical principle that is very simple to follow. This is an easy card trick because it requires no sleight-of-hand to work just simple math. Even without an understanding of how the math works, you can still perform this  miracle to impress everyone!

With this simple tutorial you shall learn to correctly to guess five different cards. And did I forget to say that these cards were only MENTALLY chosen?


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