Secrets to conversation

One fun and easy conversation ice breaker anyone can use today!

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Everyone is always looking for the next great icebreaker to use with a person or even a group of people and it has been found! Its easy and fun! You will leave people speechless and they will never forget you. Lets get away from traditional conversation lines to something completely unique. And to be honest I use it all the time. But when I do use this ice breaker I prefer to use this with a group of people.

But now the question is…..what is the ice breaker?

Learn how to trick your friends into thinking you’ve “programmed” them to think about a specific person or object. All you need to do is make a couple lists on your phone’s standard notepad app. THAT’S IT!!


Lets say you meet a group of people or even just one person and the conversation begins. You wish to do something that you will be remembered by!

You tell the person or group of folks that you want to try an experiment with them. To be specific a psychology test. You then proceed to ask the following four questions. Just ask them to just choose a choice and to do it quickly!

  1. Choose up or down
  2. Choose left or right
  3. Choose black or white
  4. Choose odd or even

Then you show that on your phone you made a list of objects or persons. They look at the phone and just think of it. You turn off the phone and in a matter of seconds you guess it correctly.

But how? Watch the video and it will teach you step by step to learn this great icebreaker.


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