Secrets to conversation

5 little things you can do to “wow” the interviewer


“With such a neck to neck competition growing around each and every company/business is seeking to have only the “best” candidate in the team.” (

While one is in an interview he/she hardly has few minutes to set the right impression. To make a recruiter understand your worth and ability there are a few things little things that will “wow” the interviewer.


1) Balance you’re talking and listening time

You must be able to maintain a better balance between these two. Too much talking isn’t a good sign but again you must keep in mind that just nodding your head and only listening is not viable too. A candidate for a job must understand when and what to talk and when to listen. If you only talk and just continue talking  you will disinterest an interviewer and only listening would portray as if you are not attentive or not confident/interested. So learn to balance these two skills especially before your next interview.


2) Have your professional pen

Lets Imagine that  your employer asks you to sign and you said – “I don’t have a pen.” Nothing could be as embarrassing as this. Its something so basic but if you can’t fulfill this requirement the interviewer will immediately get a bad impression just because you forgot your pen. It is always good to keep a pen in your bag or in your pocket.  This is a sign of aware candidate. “Keep a pen with you, all intelligent people do. It might seem silly, but this could be the difference between appearing prepared and looking disorganized. Having your own pen says “I’ve thought ahead,” and that speaks volumes to a future employer.” (


3) Seem interested by writing down the important stuff

In an interview you must be loaded with information about the company, the plans, expectations, possibilities, procedures and so on. It would be tough to remember it all therefore, keep a note pad with you making note of whatever is being said. This will not only help you in remembering everything but also make your employer realize the seriousness that you are giving your interview with. And lets say that during the interview the interviewer mentions something you did not know or is crucial you must write it down. Just by paying attention and writing down what they mention will wow the person who’s interviewing you.

4) Show sample of your work by asking

Always take the sample of your work along with you, when everything else fails this can certainly save you. If you do not have sample work with you then you can even tell them to test you and you will provide the work free of cost as a sample which will showcase your abilities. In a way this talks a lot about your passion for work, dedication and  confidence that will take you far.


5) Smiling face

Your face should look bright and cheerful. This indicates that you are excited for the new job and want to get selected moreover; cheerful employees are what employers generally look for. When you also smile you have to remember that smiling is contagious so the more you smile you will make the interviewer mile as well. If you make them smile that’s a fantastic way to start or continue the interview. Keeping your face dull and filled with worries would only reduce your chances. Keep smiling, this will also brighten up their day. “Smiles make a person seem more attractive, sociable and confident, and people who smile more are more likely to get a promotion.” (


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