Secrets to conversation

4 ways to impress your next interviewer and get that job


“In this deflated job market, you must bring your A game in all your interviews” (US News)

According to the “Considering the number of job seekers interviewing for positions today, it‘s fair to suggest that many HR workers can hardly keep track of the differences. That‘s why it‘s important to do or say something that will allow you to stand out in the mind of your interviewer. It will strike a personal note and also provide a point of reference when it‘s time to recall the top candidates.”

Here are some of the best ways successful candidates can leave a huge impression on an employer during an interview:

1. Ask smart questions that will knock their socks off

It’s crucial to stay away from bland, easy questions (like what’s the work attire policy?), or “yes” or “no” questions (like do you offer overtime?). Your interviewer can recite these answers in their sleep. Those are not impressive questions to be asking especially from a person who wants the job. Ask questions that show off your knowledge of the company and position. You want to ask the questions that clearly show that you are serious and interested completely.When interviewing for a new position, it‘s essential to have a handful of questions to ask your potential employer. Some questions could include:

How has this position evolved since it was created?

What have the past employees done to succeed in this position?

What do you consider to be the ideal background for the position?

What are some of the significant challenges?

What‘s the most important thing I can do to help within the first 90 days of my employment?

Do you have any concerns that I need to clear up in order to be the top candidate?

2. Tell great stories

Your interviewer wants to know about your skills and experiences, but he or she also wants to know about you. Don‘t just fire off  random answers to questions. Anyone can do that. Instead, work your answers into stories or anecdotes about yourself. Tell them about those times that you helped out or made a difference. Always remember that people remember the people who are interesting. Prove your value by tailoring stories that address the main concern an interviewer may have: What can you do for us?

3. Show restraint from the beginning to the end

“During an interview, what you don‘t say may be as important as what you do say.”A valuable tip on any interview is to never talk about money or benefits, especially during the first interview. You should already know if you fit the parameters. Don‘t ever badmouth about any of your past employers because you never know if your past employer knows the interviewer. Organizations don‘t hire complainers and try to avoid it at all times. Don‘t mention outside career aspirations or part-time jobs. Employers are looking for people who want to be part of their organization for the next decade and beyond.

4. Follow up with a thank you letter

After the interview is over, the first thing you should do is send your interviewer a thank you letter. And in today’s day sending thank you letters is very rare so now this is an opportunity to thank the interviewer for their time and to reiterate why you are the ideal candidate for the role. And you will stand out!  It only needs to be a brief letter, a couple of paragraphs should be enough, but it helps to demonstrate your eagerness for the job.


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