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The 3 Worst Handshakes that will ruin your interview immediately!


Bad handshakes leave bad first impressions. Although it is possible to overcome an initial bad first impression, it is easier to learn how to avoid some of the typical mistakes that people make when shaking hands.

With the hard economy employers tend to look to find the best candidate.With so many people laid off the skills and experience pool ups the ante. Getting the job is that much more difficult because there are so many highly skilled professionals that are willing to take jobs that they normally wouldn’t take. So they will find anything to eliminate you so that they can narrow down the process and finally give the job to the best candidate.

Your BAD HANDSHAKE WILL COST YOU –  the interview, the contact, your job, a sale, or insert your worst case scenario here.   Sorry for the quick judgment, but to anyone important: you ARE your handshake.  

1. The Limp Fish or (a.k.a The Dead Fish)


The handshake has no energy, there is no shake, no squeeze, not even a pinch, and it gives the feeling you are holding a dead fish instead of a hand. This handshake equals to low self-esteem. A limp handshake signals to the other person that you are nervous, uncertain, or uninvolved.These are all negative qualities that you don’t want to be giving off at the interview A limp handshake can be particularly deadly to your chance to get in the door and get he job. If you are unsure whether your handshake is limp, ask to practice with a few friends until you get your grip right.

2. The double-handed

images (3)

Although there are instances where a double-handed handshake is appropriate, if used with someone who you have just met it can seem overly personal or intimate. Don’t use it at an interview at all! Unless you are a politician or a grandmother, it is probably best to reserve the double-handed handshake for close friends.

3. The Finger Squeeze

images (4)

If instead of grabbing the whole hand, essentially the palm, you hold just the fingers, you will hurt the other person’s hand, especially if he or she is wearing rings. Hurting the person who will conduct the interview is probably not the best way to start it off.  Not only you won’t be able to connect, but you will also hurt the person. If you meet a finger squeezer, try to push your hand further so that the two palms will be in contact. If you know the person well, you may want to show them how he can give a good handshake.


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