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The best and successful ways to overcome your fear of public speaking (part 3)

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In this 3 part article series I will be showing you the best and easy ways to overcome the fear of public speaking for your next speech or presentation at work, school and anywhere else you might have to stand in front of a crowd! 

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation. Audience at the conference hall.

The 7th big secret is…

Use visual aids. Now why do I recommend to use visual aids? Many times there are people who just can’t imagine themselves too long  and have people just stare at them no matter if it’s up on stage, in front of the class or anyone else where speaking in public must be done. So if you do not want all the attention then it would smart to use visual aids like power points. But if you are going to use these aids then make sure they are not boring at all, unless you want the entire audience falling asleep!

According to they mentioned that if power points or fancy notes will be used then “Half of the time, their eyes will not be on you. They will read through the notes and your fancy slides. This will help you a lot as you can then speak to the people who are not looking at you. When they look at you, you just change your focus to other people who are not looking. Giving a speech to people who are not looking at you is always easier.”


The 8th big secret is…

Speak to one person at a time or just look at the far back.

One of the most terrifying things about public speaking is the crowd. Just by looking at the crowd, all in silence just to hear you speak, will send shivers down your spine. To overcome this, you just need to speak to one person at a time.

Choose one member of your audience and dedicate your whole presentation to him or her. Just assume that everyone else is not paying attention.Choose the person that you feel comfortable looking at. Make sure this person will not make you laugh or worry you. It’s important to find a neutral face that you have no problem looking at. When you use this technique you can also look at the far back of the room. The bigger the room  is the better this technique will work. But overall is better to use both techniques when up in front of a crowd. Look at someone specifically and then change it up to the back of the room and just continue doing these two methods and you will feel much more relaxed.

The 9th big secret is…

Stop seeing your presentation as a performance. Instead, as Jerry Weissman puts it, “treat every presentation as a series of person-to-person conversations.” The more you remind yourself of this, the more you can shift your focus away from the fear-inducing thought that you are required to perform. When you do this, the audience will be more forgiving if your nervousness shows up later on. More importantly you will feel more relaxed now that they are not expecting a world-class presentation. Imagine their surprise when you gave them the best presentation ever despite your nervousness.


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