Secrets to conversation

How can observing people’s different eye colors help you in future conversations?


Wouldn’t it be awesome to just be able look at people’s eye color and already have an idea of their personality? Wouldn’t that be helpful in future conversations to just know what kind of people you might be dealing with?

According to many and many other science reports it has been scientifically confirmed that eye color can reveal a lot about people!

Are you interested to see what they say about your eye color? Of course you are! Keep reading.


Brown ( apply to most people )

  • Most common eye color
  • “Considered” attractive, confident
  • Most likely are polite, considered, and positive
  • Willing to try new things in life
  • Sometimes they might have some trouble expressing themselves.
  • Higher sensitivity to pain.



  • Is a mixture of brown and green and it looks breath-taking beautiful.
  • Hazel is immediately associated with elegance.
  • Spontaneous and love adventure.
  • They can adopt easily and flow with most situations.
  • Get bored easily
  • Courageous, brave people.
  • Be aware of their temper!



  • Are dominant and leaders.
  • Wisdom and gentleness are their important attributes.
  • Least aggressive people.
  • When they are passionate about a certain thing they give it their all.
  • Analytical thinking and rationality is their strength also.
  • Imaginative, creative.
  • No fooling around when it comes to marriage.


  • Intelligent and always curious.
  • They always take interest in new things.
  • Have many passions.
  • They tend to be beautiful and attractive.
  • Get jealous really soon.
  • Their compassion and youthfulness is very contagious.
  • People get lost in their eyes.
  • Mysterious and Competitive.
  • Unpredictable and perform well under pressure.

Jake Gyllenhaal Blue Eyes Front Face Closeup


  • People desire this eye color the most.
  • Peaceful, smart and kind.
  • Very Energetic.
  • They love-making others happy.
  • Are usually extroverts.
  • Competitive

Just like our fingerprints, no two people have the exact same eye color or iris pattern in the entire world. Many of these personality traits are assumptions based on studies and data collected through different research; they’re not definitive answers for who we are.


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