Secrets to conversation

Want to ace your next interview? Deadly words that should never be used in a job interview!


When interviewing for a job, we all want to put our best foot forward, but sometimes we end up putting it in our mouths instead.

     According to “Words can carry a lot of weight and that can especially be true during a job interview. When meeting with a recruiter or an interviewer you should take extra care to avoid using certain harmful words and phrases.”

Sarah Connors, senior staffing manager at Winter Wyman Contract Staffing, says, “think about what the interviewer will hear when you say certain words. It is not about what you intend, it is about what they hear and all you want them to hear is, ‘You just found the best person for this opportunity.”

So now the real question is what are those deadly words that should never be used at the next interview?

Deadly Words

1) Kinda

  • This is not even a word! So why use a made up word when speaking with other professionals.
  • If the interviewer ask you a question either say “YES” and use a couple of examples to illustrate your point.
  • But if the interviewer asks you a question and you say “NO” then detail how you still have not had the opportunity to do that specific job but you would love to because you will be building experience.
  • If you use “KINDA” you will immediately be seen as amateurish and very un-confident.

2) Any Curse Word

Businessman yelling at phone

  • You will be seen as vulgar.
  • They wont take you seriously.
  • Swearing hurts your reputation immediately.
  • If you were doing well in the interview and you curse your brownie points begin to go down!



  • It’s difficult to avoid filler words like “Um.”
  • But you can get rid of this small useless word! Practice interviews with friends and family to the point where everything comes out natural and with no “um’s.”
  • If you need to stop and think just tell the interviewer and be quiet and then respond back to the question.
  • Every question they ask you needs to be an opportunity where you can confidently show that you are the best person for the job. And “Um” will not help at all.



  • Never ever mention this word!
  • There probably be times where we hated our last job or even boss but it would not be wise to speak negatively about it at the interview. Interviews should only be about positive traits and qualifications that you have and what you can give back.
  • If you begin to speak badly about your past experiences the interviewer will think ” what is he going to say about the next place he works for?”
  • You might be mature and positive but if they hear you say hate then they might not hear the rest!


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