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How Should You Answer The 6 Toughest Interview Questions? Part 2


 In this 3 part article series I will be showing you how to answer the top six toughest interview questions! Deliver perfect interview answers that make you stand out and get hired!

3) How to Handle ‘You’re Overqualified’ in Interviews

 Your Resume Suggests that you may be overqualified or too experienced for this position, what do you think?

Acknowledge that employers are reluctant to hire a person who is overqualified because they think the person is unlikely to be happy, won’t stay long, might want the interviewer’s job or may expect fast promotion. Remember that you can be threatening to the interviewer, especially if you are truly suited for the interviewer’s job!

Many times, getting called overqualified is a general explanation employers use to avoid telling you the real reason they don’t want to hire you.

According to AOL Jobs these are the 9 reasons why they might call you “Over-qualified”:

1. Your personality isn’t a match for the office/department culture.

2. You don’t look like you would fit in.

3. You seem like a slow worker.

4. You have too many degrees and/or were paid too much previously.

5. You didn’t seem reliable.

6. You acted like a know-it-all in the interview.

7. You didn’t seem like you really knew what you were talking about.

8. I don’t like you, can’t see working with you every day, and I just don’t want to be rude.

9. I already have the candidate I want and interviewing you is just a formality.

So What Should You Say

Examine why you want the position. “I need a job!” is not a response that will endear you to him. You must use your communication skills to convince him why they should hire you!

  •  When you get this sort of question the first thing you mus say is to emphasize your interest in establishing and growing a relationship with the company or business and if you do well new opportunities will open.
  • Mention that because your qualifications are out of the roof the company will quickly get a fast return on investment because of how knowledgeable and hard working you really are.
  • Tell the interviewer that a growing or strong company can never have too much talent.
  • Never show desperation. Man times you might say  “I’ll start at any job just to get my foot in the door.” That won’t work  it’s an outdated strategy. Being willing to take any job often makes the interviewer disqualify you. She needs a competent person to perform the specific job she’s hiring for.

4) What Are Your Weak Points


So, the worst answer to this question is:  Don’t ever say that!

So, the worst answer to this question is: “I don’t have any weaknesses.” Don’t ever say that!

The employer is trying to figure out if your weakness will make it hard for you to do a good job or fit into the organization. They are also interested in how you handle a tough question like this one.

So What Should You Do

Pick Your Best Weakness

According to mentions that “You want to position yourself effectively within the interview and need to match positive answers with positive tone of voice and body language.”

“When you prepare for this question, you will want to pick a weakness that:”

Is a strength in disguise

For Example:

  1. Weakness: New Graduate, Entry-Level without  Experience — Strength: Fast Learner

  2. Weakness: Self Critic — Strength: Meticulous/Very Careful\

Steven Patzer a very well known Financial Advisor once said “Regardless of what strategy you use, your ultimate goal is to present a real weakness that does not damage your potential for the position, but also does not come across as dishonest, unrealistic, or staged act that you do during the interview.”

If you are not sure if you are picking a negative weakness, review the criteria for the position, and put yourself in the shoes of the employer to consider what you would like to hear and what you would think was negative.

Take time to practice difficult answers like this with a partner until you feel comfortable so that you will sound natural and confident in the interview.


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