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How Should You Answer The 6 Toughest Interview Questions? Part 1

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    Tough interview questions are inevitable in today’s competitive job market. 

   In this 3 part article series I will be showing you how to answer the top six toughest interview questions! Deliver perfect interview answers that make you stand out and get hired!

    Job interviews are stressful by nature. None of us like to give up control to others when it comes to something as important as your career. And almost everyone gets interview nerves to one extent or another when they interview sometimes even the interviewer gets us nervous! According to “” they mentioned why we get so nervous.

Why do you get so nervous during job interviews?

  • It’s scary and uncomfortable being judged.
  • It’s scary and uncomfortable being the focus and having to come up with good answers for whatever they ask you.
  • You don’t know what they’re going to ask.
  • You don’t know for sure if what you say is a good answer.
  • You don’t like talking about yourself.
  • You don’t feel comfortable “selling” yourself.
  • You don’t interview every day and so you aren’t sure you know how to do it well.
  • You really need a job.
  • You worry that if you don’t get this job there may not be another chance any time soon.
  • You worry that you’ll sound stupid.
  • You worry there’s something about you or your background they’ll hate.
  • You have no idea exactly what they’re looking for.
  • You hate the idea of being rejected based on just one short meeting.
  • You think you have to be more than you are.

  But the scariest thing about the interviews are the tough questions because if we do not answer correctly there goes our job, down the drain!

But what are those difficult questions that we should definitely know how to answer so we can ace the next interview?

1) What Can You Do For Us That Some Else Can’t?

Tips on what to say:

  • Make sure you talk about your record of getting things done
  • Stress about your various skills that you have grown and how they combined with your attitude of accomplishing things is really valuable to them
  • Mention experiences in your past job where you exceeded by solving very hard problems due to your experience in the job.

2) Why Are You Leaving Your Present Position?

 Tips on what to say:

  • Never lie when asked this question because you might be checked. Just be brief and to the point
  • Never mention personality conflicts you probably had before with your boss or co-workers
  • If you were actually laid off because of staff reduction then say it immediately.
  • But if you were not laid off then say that you want to advance your career and the whole idea was yours.
  • But what if you were fired in your last job, then what can I say? Well, first of all never show that you have a grudge against your old employer just mention the situation but in a less damaging way! And explain what you have gained wisdom about yourself and your capacity from the experience.



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