Secrets to conversation

The One Secret Successful Conversationalist’s Use That You Can Master in 5 Minutes


A Conversationalist is a person (male or female) who has the power, ability or capacity to start and maintain conversations with various types of people anywhere, anytime! In other words bond with folks through the art of Conversation!

Now as you read every word of this article you will be getting closer to finding out what is that one technique all OUTSTANDING conversationalist’s use to bond with people anywhere, anytime. So just keep on reading……….

But first we must imagine that we just received an invitation to a Company’s Job Fair/Networking Event of the year where there will be lot’s of opportunities to meet new employers/employees who work in the same filed as you. Sounds really groovy and compelling,right?

So whats the problem?

Large group of business people discussing.

Well, once we accept the invitation we gather up our strengths to get there and the moment we arrive our biggest fear becomes a reality!

That one huge fear is the moment you realize that you are in a situation where you know nobody and zero people know nothing about you either.Every face you see is a completely new human being that you have never encountered before in your lifetime.

So now what should you do?

At first this can be a haunting feeling but do not give up and go home! No conversationalist’s would ever do that and would you want to get on a little secret: You will get over it and that’s the truth!

Well, now here comes the technique that you will learn now, and the best thing about is that it’s not difficult at all! It’s as easy as Kindergarten math. In 5 minutes you will be able to do it and your will be feeling like all the other AMAZING Communicators out there.

Here is the only step you need!

You must know that conversationalist’s never go through this problem because before they step out of the house they mentally prepare themselves.

What do I mean and  how can you apply this too?

An Ultimate Conversationalist would  get really excited for an opportunity like this and not miss out. He never puts on a negative mood. He’s happy and does not think pessimistic thoughts like:

  • Who will I speak too?
  • How will I start conversations?
  • How can I be likable?
  • What if nobody likes me or even worse I get rejected……..
  •   And much more

Now at this moment let’s go inside the mind of a Conversationalist

Conversationalist Way of Thinking:

. What will be happening at the event? & Why Am I Going?

. How many people will be there? & What kind of folks am I expecting to see there?

. What will I have in common with other people at this event? & Will I know anybody?

. If I do recognize someone what did we talk about last time? Or what issues or events were happening in his life last time we spoke? What were they interested in?

So as you can see these are some questions that you should be asking yourselves prior to the  event or place you might be going to. Do not ever just wing it! It will either go really badly or you will just be decent. (And we are not striving to be decent, we must be a conversationalist who’s better than decent!)

Once you have asked yourselves these types of questions and have answers to them then you will have the confidence to  arrive at your destination and you wont be intimated. Actually the opposite will occur, you will embrace the setting and most importantly the people.

Additional Great Ideas

1)  Tell entertaining funny stories that either happened to you or to someone you know. Everyone like’s humor!

2)  If you only know some people but only slightly, then figure out what you know about them already and ask interesting questions.

3)  Have some unique conversations starters up your sleeve that many don’t use.


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