Secrets to conversation

9 Things You Should Never EVER Do in Any Conversation!!


   Many times during conversations at work, school, parties or even at your local shop and other places we don’t realize that many times we make the worst mistakes, that should never ever be done in a conversation! And the scariest part of it all  is that we don’t realize it until the very end.

But what are these errors that we should avoid?

Conversation Dont’s

1. Don’t Ever in your entire life ask too many questions because if you do it might seem like an interrogation

2. Stop Interrupting People.

3. Resist and don’t argue a point to show that you are always right.

4. When you speak with others always avoid mumbling, or speaking too fast and don’t put your hand over your mouth when you are talking.

5. Don’t go around correcting people’s grammar. People will dislike you and judge you because of that.

6. Don’t go around telling your life story to people you just have met. First and build rapport (a connection) with them first.

7. In certain occasion’s people just don’t want to speak, so don’t talk to them because they want to be left alone.

8. You are not better than no one else, so don’t try to outdo others.

9. Never dominate a conversation. A conversation is a dialogue not a monologue!


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