Secrets to conversation

How To End Any Phone Conversation Politely


      We have all gone through and continue to suffer from phone harassment!

What is phone harassment?

It’s when those people that we know “call us” like our friend Bernie who kills our ears talking about clash of clans when all we want to do is take a nap. Or in other circumstances our mother call’s us and decides to talk you about the procedure of how you were born. For example how many hours it took her to push you out or even how ugly you looked as soon as you were out of the womb. You see where I’m trying to get to?

We have people who call us and we know that  they will keep us on the phone for about 3 and a half eternities!! So why do we answer? Becuase we want to be nice. But if this occurs too much what can you do to…………………….

End A Phone Conversation Politely?

                                                                                                            (Without Offending Anyone, Of Course!)

All you got to do is…

  1. “Interrupt Yourself”

  2. “Give a Time Frame”.

But how will this work? What do I Mean by these two tips?


Lets say you are on the phone and as soon as its your turn just interrupt yourself by saying something like:

Hey (the person’s name) it’s so good to hear from you, but im just about to (take a nap, have my doctor’s appointment, see a client..)

And then after you interrupt yourself you give a time frame by saying……..But hey I got thirty seconds whats going on?

Sounds very simple and it truly is because what you did was give them a time frame and many times just by telling them how much time they got they might just   call you later and they are the ones who stopped themselves and you never look like the bad guy. But there will be times when even though you tell them the time frame they will pass that amount of time. So now what?

Well, everything is going to be okay because you can actually cut them off! You can do this because you put up a short time limit and if it has been passed you can remind them and they will totally understand. That will set you free-politely and promptly!

Even though we may think that we know this information, when the time comes we forget what to do or we end up  offending the other individual over the phone. But now that we know the secret let’s not forget to use it to end any phone conversation’s—-politely!


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