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The Art Of Getting Out Of A Ticket



At some point in everybody’s life we all have been pulled over by………….. the cops! As soon as we see those blue lights and hear those sirens we all freak out. We all know that one or two officers will come out and scold us! But the worse part is getting that ticket!!

We hate getting tickets because now we have to pay a big fee for our error. And many times people think that by acting tough and insulting the officers you might beat them and not get a ticket. That is such a dumb way to think. If you do decide to try that out you will definitely get a ticket and even maybe…

Get Thrown In Jail.

   So what can we do and say to avoid getting that ticket?


  Step 1

So, lets say you got stopped for speeding. Who hasn’t? The first thing you must do after you stop your car is just put both hands on top of the wheel. But why? By doing this small task you are saying that you don’t have a gun and you’re not dangerous.

By your actions you are showing respect and making their jobs a bit easier. Who doesn’t like to be shown respect and have someone make their jobs easier? Everyone does and you have just done so.

So once they get near you and see your hands on the wheel their fear will go down. And their approach to you will be much different because without them telling you decided to give respect and show that you’re not a danger to them.

Step 2

As soon as they open their mouth and say those magical words ” Let me see your license and Registration” just hand it over and say “Yes Sir or Yes Ma’am”.  This a great way to begin.

Step 3

As soon as he begins to tell you what deed you did like “I clocked you at 85 mph at a 65 mph zone” just admit your fault in a humble way. Never give an excuse because to be honest the police don’t care and they hear lies/excuses all the time. Why should they believe you? They don’t know you!

So a great way to admit your fault is to say the following:

“Officer, I totally believe I was going that fast even though I didn’t realize it until I saw your lights. I have no excuse. As much as I hate to get a ticket, I’m at fault.” (The Art of Persuasion by Bob Burg)

Using this line is simple and great because you presented your case to the officer and you said that you were guilty and just by being honest the probability of getting a ticket has diminished. But then you say…….

Step 4

You could then say to the cop:

“I’m definitely in the wrong. This is not something I usually do and I wondering if there’s any chance of not getting a ticket or maybe just a warning.” (The Art of Persuasion by Bob Burg)

And then to finish it off  just say: If you cant do it, I’ll definitely understand.

   Now if you think about it, the entire time you have shown respect and there’s a good chance you wont get that ticket. But now even though you use all these steps it doesn’t mean it will always work.

        But put all these steps to work next time you get pulled over and see the big difference in the cops and there will be a great chance you can get out of that ticket. That’s what I like to call……

The Art Of Getting Out Of A Ticket


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  1. Absolutely right you always show respect to your superiors especially the NYPD officers as well as yours parents so you can gets goodies.😃


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