Secrets to conversation

Easy Way To Get People To Give You More-Than What You Have Asked For



“You Can Easily Persuade someone to give you more than he or she normally would.Simply plant the seeds with the person as they are doing what they normally do.” (The Art Of Persuasion By Bob Burg)


There goes your secret! That is the only thing you must know!

     People always want more but unfortunately many times we don’t get more. We only get what we usually receive or we get less and that pisses many people off.

So What Can I Do To Get More? 

     The quote above says it really clearly. You can persuade someone to give more but it needs to be when the action is taking place. Dont do it before or after the action has been done. Do it at the moment it’s happening. But how can I apply it in everyday situations?

For Example lets say that you are at Boston Market which is an American Fast Food Casual Restaurant and you love the mashed potatoes. So you are on-line and finally its your turn and the server begins to put the mashed potatoes on your plate. Now in your mind you obviously want more than what they are planning to give you. So how do you plant the seed in their mind at this very moment?

  Well, first of all hopefully you smiled at this person. Many of us over look at the power of our smile. When we smile at people we immediately stand out from everyone else because many don’t smile.Very few people smile without a particular reason. They just ask or get what they want with no smile on their face.

    After you smile which again sets you apart from the rest you wait till they get the first spoonful of your food and say:

“UMMMM, thank you so much, I love those.”

Believe it or not after saying that simple sentence you will get more than most customers! But does this only work for food? Of course not!

Lets say that you are at you local mechanic and he’s working on your car and you obviously want him to do a superb job on your vehicle. And many times our mechanic’s don’t do their best because they got more cars to deal. So what can you do in this situation? Your approach must be different.

   You complement your mechanic by calling them an artist. Makes no sense?

     ..Lewis you are an artist man especially the way you work with these cars..


“People love being called  artists at jobs usually not associated with art”-The Art Of Persuasion By Bob Burg

If You need someones time a great thing to say is: I can tell you’re busy and I don’t want to bother, I’ll try to take up as little of your time as possible. Once you say this your chances of getting more of her time will jump out of the roof.

   In conclusion you want more?

Just plant the seed in their mind at the right moment and you will definitely get people to give you more than what you have asked for.




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