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4 Easy Ways To Meet Anyone At Your Next Party (Part 2)



3. Helping Out The Host

Every time we are invited to any type of party we go with two types of mentality. The first mentality is to just gobble down all the food we can encounter.I like tto call that the “Fatty Mentality”. I Fall under this category almost all the time! And the second type of mentality we have going to parties is we just want to dance the entire night. I like to calll that the “Night Fever”. And don’t get me wrong, its ok if our mind is just focused on all the appetizers or even the Salsa or Hip Hop music that will be played at parties, but  many times we also want to meet new folks. Especially if we wish to be more social and enlarge our circle of friends. But most importantly to become that Ultimate Conversationalist. And if you really think about it, you can’t just dress up for a party and not speak to anyone. You must  give yourself the goal to meet at least five new people. But what if your too shy and you just cant do it? Then at your next social gathering you should go and help the host! Yes go help the host of the party. The Host will always appreciate the help they can receive. Almost everybody that go to parties don’t really care about helping out. But if you do help out the host or hostess you will be looked positively and like a considerate person. And any future parties you will definitely stand out as an individual. But what do you get for helping except looking good? When you help the host you most likely have to go and serve the food or give drinks or even greet people. All these jobs give you the chance to be open and speak with everyone. And you have a great excuse/ice breaker to talk to anybody. You are helping out and you want to see if they need more drinks or snacks. You then will get a response and take it from there. You can either give them an honest compliment or say a quick joke and tell them it was nice meeting them. You now got your foot in the mind of everyone there. You can always go back to them and engage in a conversation especially because you broke the ice with them earlier. So go help out the host and your possibilities for new social engagement’s will be open!


4. Let’s Take A Selfie!

Everyone has heard this famous saying! Many people are probably sick of this term but it’s actually a great unique random way to meet new people. But how so? Lets get into details. A great thing you can do is once you are at the party observe all the crowd’s and see check out who are the most fun group’s.  Then once you decide on a certain group all you got to do is just go over to them and just tell them exactly what you are going to do and just do it! Dont wait for a response. Just go over and say that you want to take a selfie and take the picture. People will go along but only if you got the right crowd. That’s why it’s so crucial that you find the right crowd because if you don’t they will immediately reject the picture and even get angry at you. You want a positive reaction. So once you are there just find the right people and go over and take the picture. Selfies belive it or not are very fun and unite people to have a great time. So be bold and different and you will see massive effects in your social life once you begin to use this easy but great approach.




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  1. This is genious but yet such basic principal that we forget. I like especially the one of helping the host this will say so much about you and will open opportunity of meeting and conversing with others Bravo.


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