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4 Easy Ways To Meet Anyone At Your Next Party (part 1)



Want To Meet That Tall Dark Stranger across the dance floor? Want to know who’s that Brazilian chick? Do you Feel like joining the group in the corner that is just laughing and having a great time? Want to get down on the dance floor  dancing the cha-cha with that attractive guy/girl? So much questions you may be asking. Why not just do it? It’s easy to say I will do it when I get to he party. But many times once we get to those parties we begin to get shy because we do not know anybody there! So how can we stand out from the rest of the people and actually get the chance to reach out to new folks?

There are many ways to begin a conversation especially at a party. parties are meant tot have fun, so take that and use it to your advantage. But how so? I will be giving 4 easy simple ways that once you begin to apply at least one of them your success rate in any new future social gathering you attend will jump out of the roof! Sounds too good to be true? Guess what, it’s not. Again all you got to do is try them out and see the responses.



1. Learn Some Killer Tricks

What do I mean by learn some killer tricks? As we all know a trick is “a cunning or skillful act or scheme intended to deceive or outwit someone”. And they are usually very fun. Poeple’s mind are blown by what happen and your skill of of creating miracles. And once you can do a couple of miracles people will either really like or love you. They will want to meet you and converse with you. According to theory11 a magic website it says that “the art of magic and illusion makes people go beyond and think of what’s beyond their realm of possibility. Even the simplest card trick, if done properly, will stun and dazzle spectators because they don’t expect it.That’s what makes tricks so much fun. You get to do things that other people think are beyond the realms of possibility. You get to try things and invent things that people think are impossible”. So now that you know this secret go and learn some tricks. You can learn card tricks, coin tricks, rubber band tricks, mind tricks, money tricks and so much more. And to do miracles does not take years or even months of practice. But of course the more practice you do the look of the trick will play bigger. Want to have new friends and leave big impact in people’s life? Go and just put a goal. Your goal will be to learn two new tricks. But where can you learn and for how much?

1. Learn tricks For Free: On Youtube

Check out these you tube channels and you can learn these tricks easily in no time and then all you got to do is show it to some folks. After you begin to show your abilities your conversation opportunities with everyone will open up in seconds you will have to put hardly any work. Your skill has helped you. Now just enjoy the ride and be thankful for your new talent.

2.Wear Funny/Interesting  Shirts

Isnt easy as pie? Of course it is. T Shirts are an exceptional  ice breaker at parties. When you wearing a funny t-shirt that people can relate to, then you get people smiling, commenting, and complimenting you on your t-shirt. As soon as any of those things come about, the proverbial has been broken, and now its quite a bit less complicated to start a conversation and meet new people. That’s all you need. You need that small/slight positive response and you’re in. They may ask you, where did you get that shirt or even better yet can they take a picture of it? And once they ask you can begin engaging. But what if you’re not the kind of person who would purchase or even wear a comedic shirt? A simple answer to that is that you can invest in some compelling/interesting shirts. For example wear shirts that have unique designs or patterns and your sure to receive a compliment. people enjoy giving compliments because they will feel good about making someone feel special in the inside. Just get ready to hear it and jump in the conversation. They have some type of interest in you. So take it!

Examples of Funny Shirts




Now what will be the other two ways that you can be social at your next party?Just wait and see the awesome techniques/secret that are waiting for you!


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