Secrets to conversation

Earth Shattering Simple Technique That Will Make Everyone Like You


Everybody loves a good gift, so my gift to you today will be one of many top-secret techniques that will definitely help you improve your social skills. This is just earth shattering because of its simplicity and it’s effectiveness. But before I reveal it I must say that strange as it might seem, likeability is not a gift – it’s a skill set.  Is it worth developing?  You decide.  Here’s what we know about likeable people:

  • They are more successful in business and in life.
  • They get elected, promoted, and rewarded more often than those less likable.
  • They close more sales and make more money.
  • They get better service from all types of service providers, including Doctors and other health care providers – which means they probably live longer as well!

So just by reading that short list you can instantly tell how important it is to be likable. So in this article you will be receiving the underground secret that many of us forget and once we all begin to use it, people will find you so charming and likable they will want to meet you.

In many occasions we find ourselves in moments when people compliment us for different things. And it feels awesome because it boosts our confidence and our day gets brighter. The Sun gets shinier and we are jumping for joy? Maybe just a bit of exaggeration  but you guys understand the point. But unfortunately in many occasions we instantly downplay it! It’s the worst thing we can do! But how do we downplay compliments?

Some Examples could be:

1) Oh, it’s nothing.

2) Really?

3) Stop Lying to me.

4) I just found it in my closet, its old.

5) You don’t mean that.

These are just some examples that we have all said at some point in our lives. Compliments feel both pleasant and a little awkward and many of us don’t know how to handle them. But why is this wrong?

According to “The Charisma Myth” by Olivia Fox Cabane when you say stuff like this it sends a message to your admirer that they were wrong to compliment you. They will probably feel rather foolish, and there’s even a chance that they will associate you this experience of feeling foolish with you. After a while they will stop completing you. and later on you will be asking yourself, why isn’t anybody noticing me? The answer is easy, it’s because of your attitude and your constant negativity when they compliment you.

So What Should You Do?

Just follow the next 4 steps:

1) Stop and listen.

2) Absorb the compliment and enjoy it to the maximum.

3) By using your facial expression show that the compliment has had a positive impact.

4) Thank the person and tell them that they have made your day!

When you constantly use these steps you are thanking the person but also making  them feel good because they complimented you. Later on they will feel like heroes and when you posses the power to make folks feel like heroes anyone will instantly be fond of you! So begin to apply it now!  Don’t wait for tomorrow, the earlier you begin the faster you will master that incredible power.

Copy this 4 step reminder and carry it with you everywhere you go. Once you apply this forgotten principle and practice this 4 step process your likability will lure everyone in!


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