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Are Women Actually Interested in Men They Do Not Know?


  Too Many Guys are Letting Fear Get in The Way of Success!

According To Psychology Today “Fear is  an emotional response induced by a perceived threat, which causes a change in brain  and organ function, as well as in behavior. Fear can lead us to hide, to run away, or to freeze in our shoes. Fear may arise from a confrontation or from avoiding a threat, or it may come in the form of a discovery.” And according to other studies too we have learned that anxiety is completely natural and helps people to recognize and respond to dangerous situations and threats.

However, healthy fear  or terror which has a protective function  can evolve into unhealthy worry. And unfortunately in today’s society many guys are just plain scared to meet and converse with new women. Their inner fear gets in their way and  doesn’t let them approach all the beautiful fish in the sea(a.k.a other girls). As a matter of fact many men tell themselves that women don’t want to be approached because they don’t know you at all and you are bothering them. According to “Secrets of The A Game” by Logan Edwards it mentions that dudes think that just the act of introducing yourself will cause her to think you’re a pervert. Or maybe she will turn you down and everybody will make fun of you.

Or even yet she’ll think that you’re a jerk for interrupting her day. But this is just garbage that we create inside of us. But only confident men shrug it off and approach anyway. The rest of the guys will just let her go and never see her again. Those men just lost an opportunity that will never be returned to them. Favorable circumstances come and go and if you just let it go you will regret it forever. So the best advice is to just go and approach. Do the three-second rule!


How to Talk to People: The Shy Person’s Guide to Confident Conversation

What is the three second rule?

When you see somebody that you are interested in you give yourself three seconds to go up to them and converse with that individual. If you don’t use this rule you will persuade yourself not to approach. You have to stop worrying about those hypothetical situations that could happen. If that’s all you think about then  you will never be social and never be fortunate enough to engage in conversations. If you don’t engage in conversations you cannot create and build “The Ultimate Conversationalist mindset”. To have that mindset you must approach everyone and stop worrying because i know that their will be a point where you are exhausted to just watch other gentlemen take over and sweep the girl. You want to be that cool suave guy that is in control of the situation. But there is something else too that us Guys must always remember!

Not Everyone Is Going to Like you

It’s all a numbers game. Not every woman we meet will be a success. Not at all. There is no magic line we could say to make every female in the entire world just adore us. That’s not reality. The truth of the matter is that many approaches will be a success and some will just not be good due to different personalities or even circumstances. So don’t hit yourself over the head. Just get out there and do your thing. But you may ask why do i say after “hello” to continue the conversation? You can check out my other articles like:


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So go ahead and read those articles. But now going back to the title of this article, “Do Women Want To Converse With Guys They Dont Know?”

In today’s day women and men can start conversations anywhere like at a park, bookstore, Starbucks, movie theater and so on. That is a myth women dont mind being approached as long as you show confidence and can be have a conversation with her. If you just stare at her and drool and say hello then she will be creeped out and run away from you. But go out there and approach and if it didn’t go well then go to the next but make sure that at the same time you are building your mentality into becoming an Ultimate Conversationalist!

And my question to you guys is what did you guys think about this article? Please leave a comment. Thank you.

(c) 2014 Aurus Sanchez


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