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Why Can Meeting New People be So Scary?


Everyone in the entire world including YOU, have the potential of becoming the next awesome conversationalist. We all have this potential and it’s just a grasp away! But if we have this potential of being the conversationalist which includes meeting new people and having this quality is good why do our hearts thump and our palms sweat when meeting new people? According to Susan Roane author of “How To Work a Room” it says that 93 percent of us think that we are shy in different situations. And when we get invited to any party or event we shy away from the opportunity in order to avoid discomfort.

But the Main reason is this. So why are we so terrified when meeting new folks? Are they going to KILL US? Of course not. The reason we feel this is because what our parents would tell us all the time  when we were younger. They would say: “DONT TALK TO STRANGERS”. And it makes sense why they told us this, it was said to protect us. But this worked when we were younger but now that we are 18, 25, 37, 42, 56 and so on this really should not affect us. But sadly it affects everyone. When we meet that new person we feel weird and with an imaginary finger shaking in our faces and the message “DONT TALK TO STRANGERS” flashing across our subconscious. So what do we do instead?

We sit in a distanced place just smiling nervously or we try to find a similar face and we talk to that person the entire time instead of approaching someone new. The huge problem here is that we are missing social and better yet business opportunities. “Who knows what wonderful person or valuable contact was standing in that room feeling just as uncomfortable as we were”!(How To Work a Room) So get out of your comfort zone and when you go out  you will see that the more you do it the easier it will be. Meeting  new people will not be scary anymore!

And my question to you guys is what did you guys think about this article? Please leave a comment. Thank you.



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  1. I’m definitely one to get short of breath and sweaty palms at the thought of interaction with new people. It’s the same kind of feeling I get going to a job interview or having to answer a phone at work and talk to a customer. I never actually thought about it being rooted in the fact that in our younger years, we were deterred away from speaking to people that we didn’t know. And yeah there is truth to the fact that it would have helped to keep us safe when we were younger, but it is something you need to get out of your system when you’re older, which is exactly what I am trying to do at the moment. When I’m out of town, I stay in dorm accommodation because no one wants to be that one awkward person in the room that sticks to themselves and doesn’t say a thing, and some of the best people I’ve met have been because one of us has approached the other in a situation where no one knew anyone else. I just have to keep reminding myself of that, and this post is a great little push further in the right direction for me!


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