Secrets to conversation

A Simple Sentence That Will Get You Out Of Trouble


By using this secret you will be able to respond to anyone while you find a moment for you to think to regain composure. We all have had that moment when we just don’t have an answer to give or we just want to continue the conversation but we are left with no words. Then what?  is there a way out of nasty sticky situations like this? Of course there is! When you ever see yourself in a situation like that then all you have to do is say “Thats Interesting, tell Me More”.

This simple line should immediately become part of our everyday speech. Now what makes this work? Lets say that you have no clue how to sustain the conversation with the person you are currently speaking with. Can you just give up and leave? Yes you can but we are trying to become “Ultimate conversationalists” so we cant just give up. But when we use this line we are showing that we are listening carefully. We are not hearing them. We are listening to every word and story they are telling us. We are making them feel good because we are demonstrating how attentive to them we are. So not only are you interested but you want them to continue talking. You are giving them the chance to talk about themselves or their interests and you end up disarming them and letting them get EVERYTHING out and be fully heard.  And what’s great is that many times you don’t even have to give an answer but just let them keep talking.

And my question to you guys is what did you guys think about this article? Please leave a comment. Thank you.

How To Talk To Anyone – The Ultimate Guide On How To Engage And Talk To Anyone You Meet

(c) 2014 Aurus Sanchez


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  1. “That’s interesting. Tell me more.” I’m actually almost embarrassed they I’ve never actually thought of that as a way to keep a conversation going when you don’t know what to say or don’t want to say anything. It’s perfection; rolling the ball back to the other person but also prodding them to talk about something that they’re interested in themselves. Even if the conversation isn’t something they you’re personally enjoying, it can still keep then in a good mood and leave them thinking that it was great (a bit sly, but it would still leave no hard feelings in the end). I mean, there are only so many times you can nod and go ‘mmmm’ which is the trap that I get stuck in, and it’s not always because of disinterest, but just being unsure of what to add. And if they keep talking, you might eventually find something to latch onto so that you can fully contribute. Seriously, this is great 🙂 (And once again, I’m annoyed that I never actually thought about it!)


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