Secrets to conversation

2 Way’s to Get Everybody’s Attention Anywhere You Go



This is the first way of grabbing someones attention. All you need is a quarter or even better a half dollar coin. And last but not least your hands. After that you are ready to rumble. The Coin roll is a basic coin sleight where a coin is continually rolled down the knuckles. This is considered to be a coin flourish that looks super cool and people will just look at how amazing it looks. This is a great way to get peoples attention because people don’t really know about this move. And because many have not heard of it then they just don’t know that it exists. Anywhere you go bring a coin and just do it. Its so simple the whole point is to do it and let peoples eyes wonder off. Many will just be focused on your hands for a couple of seconds and this is exactly what you want. After you have visually hooked them then you can do either two things.

1. You can wait until they ask you how you do it.

2. Look at them while you do the Coin Roll and if they smile then you can tell them”Its not actually not that hard, all you go to do is…..”

I have done this coin sleight in buses and the train.  I have gotten so many different types of stares that it clearly showed me how great of an attention getter the coin roll really is. I first saw the move on a YouTube video when i searched up coin tricks. And after i saw it i told myself that i had to learn that move. It was essential to learn it. Once you have mastered the move you will definitely look like a James Bond type of person. So once again learn the move and do it anywhere you can. People will look and once they do either let them glare and ask how its done or once they been watching for a while just tell them how its done. Another great conversation starter that you can use on a daily basis.










Pen Spinning

Another great attention getter is “Pen Spinning”. What is pen spinning?

Pen Spinning (also known as pen twirling, pen mawashi and pen tricks) is a form of object manipulation that involves the  manipulation of a writing instrument with one’s hands.

Now im going to be honest with all of you guys. Pen Spinning is not easy at all. It will take some time to get the basic moves. I began to pen spin when I was in seventh grade and I had a close freind who taught me all he knew andsince the first day i saw it, i was hooked. When you first see how pen spinning  is done its like a whole new experince. You want to be able to all the cool hand movemne trtirkcs,. Just give it a couple of months and you will begin to master it. While you are in the process of learning some of the moves in mastrring pen twirling, you can practice it in public where people can see you. You want exposure. When people begin to see what you can do with just an everyday pen, they will flip. Their eyes will just be stuck at looking how fast your fingers twirl with the pen. All those crazy pen combinations will hypnotize them. This will astound people so much that some folks might even ask you: How did you learn to do that? Is it hard? and much more. Or when you see that they cant stop looking,you can begin small talk by showing them how its done. You can get near them and say “Its actually not that difficult, all you got to do is……………….”

Pick an attention getter that appelas more to you and practice and sooner or later you get people hooked and watch all the new conversations you will be apart of without doing too much work!



And my question to you guys is what did you guys think about this article? Please leave a comment. Thank you.

(c) 2014 Aurus Sanchez



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