Secrets to conversation

Little Known Way to Succeed in Conversation


       Can being a nosy person really be helpful in conversation? Many don’t think so because if people notice then they will either ignore or tell you to mind your own business. Which it is true.  Being “nosy” means you are invading other people’s business when you have no reason to. But Im not suggesting to be extremely nosy. How bout just be ten percent nosy and believe it or not it could help you begin a conversation.

But first lets see what are some indicators that you may be a bit too nosy:

1)Listening to people on cell phones and  then asking them about the conversation afterwards

2)Asking who they are talking to when they are on the phone

3)Reading someone’s laptop or computer screen/Or even maybe their texts

4)Asking about private conversations

These are the main signs that you are too nosy. There are many more but these are probably the most common symptoms. And once people really begin to see how you really are ,you might see some change in your friends and family’s behavior. For example:

1)They might avoid personal topics with you.

2)Give you bland simple answers to all your questions.

3)Not telling you whats new in their lives.

So as you can see lets avoid being the ultimate nosy person. We are here to learn to be the ultimate conversationalist. But going back being ten percent nosy can really help us out. But how?

Do Talk To Strangers: A Creative, Sexy, and Fun Way To Have Emotionally Stimulating Conversations With Anyone


For example if we are at a mall,subway, train, supermarket or just anywhere else and we see someone with a big good looking book in their hands, guess what? Lets be nosy and ask what they are reading. We can say that it captivated us or it got our attention. The person many times will answer you because what they have interest them and they will probably give  you a nice juicy long answer. Once you get the answer you can keep the conversation going. You can continue about the book or what they said.

By being a bit nosy you were able to start communication. But it doesn’t only have to be books. It could be anything they are holding or even what they are wearing. Just make sure what they have is different and unique. Because if you ask where did you get your navy blue jeans? That’s an odd question. Make sure what they are holding or wearing is something you wouldn’t see everyday or it looks unique. This works because you are talking about them and probably something that interest them like maybe their Game of thrones novel or even the legend of Korra DVD they got. Be a bit nosy and speak about what they got and ask them where they got it or whats it about?

Remember be a bit nosy and you have a great way to start a conversation with anyone, anywhere!

And my question to you guys is what did you guys think about this article? Please leave a comment. Thank you.

(c) 2014 Aurus Sanchez


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  1. Commenting about someone’s book is something I can attest to being a good way to start a conversation, without being too intrusive but still observant and all. I was reading ‘The Alchemist’ on the train once and I was about half way through when I got on the train and finished it after a while (it’s a pretty easy read). When I put the book down, a girl that had been sitting across the aisle from me moved over to the seat next to me and just started asking me about what I had thought by the book, telling me that she’d read it too and that she had really enjoyed it even though it had been a while back. I’m always trying to avoid being too nosy and maybe sometimes I actually pass up on good opportunities because of it, but I was in no way bothered by the way she started this conversation with me. I had enjoyed the book and was excited to suddenly have someone wanting to know my opinion about it and we chatted until she had to get off the train at the station before mine.


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