Secrets to conversation

Give me 2 minutes- And I’ll teach you a killer Conversation technique




Has it ever happened to you that you are invited to a party and when you get there, you see people that you recognize. You probably recognize  them from the time you guys were at high school or even college. You might remember them from your old job or maybe they used to be your neighbors. Or probably you know them because your cousin introduced them to you a while back.

The point is that even though we see these people at the certain event many times when we go up to say hello or vice versa we totally forget their names.

At that moment our brains begin to go through every file cabinet in our head  to see if we remember that name that we feel that its at the tip of our tongue. And then we tell our self that our problem is just that we have terrible memory. I have heard about 588,000,000 times this excuse but the truth is that you don’t remember the name due to your low level of interest.

Probably when we first met them they were boring or too coincided. Or even just not memorable at all.So why would we want to remember these types of people? We tend to remember people who were amazing  or unique in a certain way.Because in reality we all have good memory for different things. For example Bruno might be good at memorizing math formulas while Lucia can be excellent at memorizing soccer statistics and so on. And according to researcher Richard Harris a psychology professor at Kansas State university said that “it’s not necessarily your brain’s ability that determines how well you can remember names, but rather your level of interest”.”Some people, perhaps those who are more socially aware, are just more interested in people and more interested in relationships”.

  But now that we know this, what is the conversation secret to this problem?

The secret is so cool I chuckle at hearing it.  Let me give you an example of how devious and sneaky it is:

Lewis: Hey its so nice to see you and how long has it been?

Jennifer: Thank you, i would say about six months.

Lewis: Your red blouse looks fantastic and by the way whats your name again?

Jennifer: Thank you and my name is Jennifer.You forgot?

Lewis: No, I meant your last name.

That’s the secret. You ask “whats your name again” and usually people will tell you their first name. And honestly you forgot their name but you don’t want to look stupid or like you forgot about them. So then you say, “NO i meant your last name”. This is so sneaky because you get to hear their first name again but you act like you already knew and you pretend you made a mistake. You just wanted to know their last name.

So if this type of situation ever happens to you again now you have a way out! Use it to your advantage?

But i want to know, have you ever tried this before? Or will you ever try this? What is your opinion on this sneaky technique?

And my question to you guys is what did you guys think about this article? Please leave a comment. Thank you.

(c) 2014 Aurus Sanchez




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  1. I have a very fond memory of one of my now best friends coming up to me when I was first starting at this school. She knew that I was new and introduced herself and asked my name. I told her, and her reply was “I’m probably not going to remember that.”, before smiling and walking off. She was so ditsy though that I wasn’t actually offended then, nor when she continued to reintroduce herself like I would have forgotten her name as well. On topic though, I can’t say that this is something I’ve ever thought of trying, but I can imagine it working. I’ve never been in a position where I’ve been caught out with not being about to recall a person’s name, but that doesn’t mean I always remember them, so this is a nice tip to have in mind for if the situation ever arises. I’d live in fear though of somehow attempting to justify why I had asked for their last name (other than just general interest) and that leading to something like “oh I wanted to add you on Facebook ha ha… Ha….” If I can’t remember their name I probably don’t want them on my friends list but I can just imagine it coming out of my mouth by accident.


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