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Women of all ages LOVE compliments.  Women love it when a man pays her a compliment, BUT it’s all down to the compliment you give, and more importantly, HOW you give it. The truth is most guys SUCK at paying women compliments. And i know that I have written three articles on compliments as an opener but today while I was on the supermarket waiting on line I saw in front of me a young gentleman with short brown hair that had about 26 pounds of gel with a dark gray polo shirt. Had a fantastic looking pair of black nikes with red shoelaces. Long pointy Nose with a dragon tatoo from Game of thrones show. And this young man began talking about how slow the line wa going to the woman in front of him. At first if you saw her from behind she looked like any other girl but when she turned around thats when everything changed.The two things that stood out the most for me were her eyes that were as wide and deep as the blue ocean. And her blonde hair looked like long golden grasses. So after they began talking the line they switched topics about their food shopping. He was buying hot dogs for his weekend party and she bought ice cream for her little brother. And evrything looked fine until he complimented her. He looked at her and said “You look nice”.She said oh ok. Then it just got quiet and they left it at that. What did he do wrong? Everyhting was going well, his opener was good becuase of the circumstances. Talking about how fast a line goes at a supermarket is great to break the ice. But his compliment was terrible and becuase of that he failed and lost a social opportunity. He needs improvment in his complementing skills to become a better conversationalist.

So again the truth is most guys SUCK at paying women compliments. Here are some of the most common mistakes I see and hear all the time….

Dead-End Compliments

A dead-end compliment gives a woman nowhere to go, and no way of carrying on the conversation. Things like “You’re so beautiful!” or “I love your hair!” are a couple of examples of dead end compliments. Not only that but also so cliche and not original. WE hear these types of sweet things in the movies but is repeated so many times it comes out as boring. Do you want to be boring? Of course not.

What  can you girlfriend, wife, mom, aunt  or  any other woman you talk to or even meet say to “You’re beautiful” apart from, “Thank you?

If you’re smart, you can use compliments to start a conversation.But also go to (Go to  “Hey, I love your bracelet! Where did you get it? 

Now she can tell you where she got it.

I’ve seen a friend of mine do it. My friend Peter asked her about her cute necklace and in fact, the girl ended up taking him to the shop in which it was only about two blocks away. They hanged out for the rest of the day and now they have become great buddies since then.  If you’re paying a woman a compliment, don’t use dead-end statements.

 General Compliments 

Be specific when you’re saying something nice about her. Don’t just say, “I like your hair” or “You have beautiful eyes.”

Tell her why you like her hair or eyes. Tell her you love the color of her eyes, or how they stand out in the sun, whatever it is. Guys are so lazy with compliments it’s crazy. Women want to feel special. They want to feel like you’ve paid attention to them. And as a great conversationalist you want to give off that feeling.  When you’re specific, it shows you’re actually paying attention to her, and you’ve noticed something specific about her that you like. It makes her feel special (which sparks her emotions right away) and shows you’re a guy who has attention to detail. 

False Compliments 

If you’re giving a compliment just because you want to get her number in return, you’re going to come across as a player. Wih the mentality of becoming the Ultimate Conversationalist getting the perosns nnumber should not be our priority. We want to be geunine and actually be that fun likeable conversationalist. If you don’t feel it, or don’t really mean what you’re about to say to a woman don’t say it. It’s better to say nothing at all than to come out with something that isn’t 100% authentic.

If you don’t see something that grabs your attention right away, start talking to her for a bit, and then say something nice. But only say it if you mean it and it’s authentic. Don’t give a compliment to get something from her. Sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all. Sometimes you can show a woman how you feel about her just by the way you look at her.

Don’t just throw compliments around.

And my question to you guys is what did you guys think about this article? Please leave a comment. Thank you.

(c) 2014 Aurus Sanchez



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  1. I hate dead end compliments so much. Not only is there actually nothing else you can say, as you mentioned, but they also feel weightless and yet at the same time, they make me feel obligated to reply without another dead end compliment that I wouldn’t have otherwise made and might not be really genuine. I’ve ways tried to ask questions to create a conversation out of a compliment and when I do so, it’s actually genuine. If there isn’t something I could ask or something that really interests me relating to the thing I want to compliment on, I don’t. I don’t want to trap anyone in the cycle of dead ends that I hate so much. I’m definitely not a guy but there is value for women in this article too. Great read!


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