Secrets to conversation

Here’s a Quick Way to Succesfully Approach Strangers




“Excuse me miss, sorry for interrupting you from your reading but I just wanted your quick help in something that I can’t possibly solve”.
“Sure, what is it? What is it you can’t solve?
“Well, my friend Ricardo always sends me these puzzles or optical illusions to solve and the catch is I only have a complete day to answer or else I owe him Taco bell. This optical illusion he sent me on my phone is just killing me. Take a look”.
“I have seen that illusion before…..But I don’t remember what the hidden image is. Let me try to remember”.
“I apologize for being a bother”.
“No its okay, I love these kind of puzzles and thanks for asking me I was getting bored with my new novel I bought at Barnes and Nobles”.
“What book are you reading there, the book cover looks really wild and exotic”.
“It seems that way and that’s what convinced me to buy it but as I read it the story just gets boring and boring. I also wasted my hard-earned money”.
“I know the feeling you have and I have it towards overhyped books, movies or even food. But you also said that you wasted your hard-earned money. What do you work in? if you don’t mind me asking?
“Were going to be in here for about another thirty minutes so why not talk a bit. I’m a music therapist and I work at 34 street and ………………….

The rest of that conversation continued to be very productive while riding the busy crowded smelly F train. She continued on speaking about her career as a music therapist and what inspired her to pursue it. Then about her three teenage kids and how much she adores all of them. And we spoke about the economy, first time pregnancy and of course we finally solved the optical illusion. We were looking at the Figure-ground (perception) illusion.
The whole point of using my phone was to start a conversation. That’s why we are here to learn different ways to begin a conversation. And I chose to do it on the train because it usually is a bit more challenging. People on the trains of New York at least are usually in a rush and prefer to stay quiet hearing music or even reading. Some just day-dream or zone off into the deepest sleep they have had that day. So it’s not really the best place to begin talking because of how everyone is in the train, but it could also be the opposite. People are minding their own business and are not in defensive mode. So I took advantage of that and I could begin communication for either five minutes up to thirty minutes. Depending on the person and if their stop came before mine. If the train gets stuck in delay you can also try out to start off any conversation with someone. And I began mine with the “Optical illusion” trick. Again using technology can give you that step closer to having great conversations with anywhere. When using this trick you must have prepared your phone. You can do this by using three ways.


This is a great book which can help make people like you in a very short time. You can make guys or women like you in 90 seconds or less. Along the way the book covers attitude, nervousness, words that open a conversation and words that shut it down, compliments, eye cues, the magic of opposites attracting, and more. It’s how to make the best of the most important 90 seconds in any relationship, business or personal.



Way 1

You can ask a buddy of yours to send you through text ,pictures of optical illusions. Once they are sent to your phone all you got to do is save the pictures and VOILA. And you could even mention who send you the picture to make it seem more realistic when you ask for help. And you’re ready to begin.

Way 2

Or you could go on the iTunes store or Google Play and download “Optical Illusions”. This FREE app is freaking well done and shows you how the eyes can be dazzled (tricked).  Other than showing the illusion it also explains underneath it what is really being seen and what does it mean.


Way 3

You could do a small friendly bet. (But be aware where you use this). Let’s say you are willing to give five or ten bucks to whoever can find what the real hidden image is. But of course you must choose an extremely difficult illusion to solve. It makes it more fun. And if they solve it, you must pay.

When I was in the train and while having that entire conversation it was not planned at all and it all began with using one simple photograph. But of course it’s not any picture because if you just showed any random other image to someone they might look at you like a scary individual who just talks to random strangers. We don’t want to fall under that category! But when we show an illusion we have the right to ask for help because they are tricky to solve. And who doesn’t like to at least try to find the hidden message in an optical puzzle? I love it and you probably at least you like it too. And when you finally find that secret you feel accomplished and smart. We could use this to our advantage while using the “Optical Illusion” method. Again as the camera system this one is simple but way
simpler. What I love about it is that no matter how big or small the group is you have a great opener to get everyone’s interest. So use it, you got this. Even a kindergarten child can accomplish it. So let’s look at the mechanics of this system.


Again you must go to step one which is to really observe and make sure the other person knows that you are there. And that you have an entry. Once that’s done just go over there and excuse yourself and ask that you need help. This shows humbleness and respect. Because you are interrupting either that person or even group of folks. After excusing yourself look at the person you are interested in and ask if they and the rest can help you out with this illusion that’s killing you. And show them the picture on your phone and you can tell them who was the one who send it. It sounds more legit and makes you look like just someone who needs help. They may ask themselves: what’s so bad about that? There is nothing wrong with it. Another method that eases their inner guard and they see you as no harm. You might have to hand them your phone so everyone can see it. Once they see it repeat the fact that this illusion is drilling you in the head. You have no clue what the answer is. Or you could even say that if they help you out five or ten bucks will be handed down to them. This is when excitement gets to everyone and minds begin to work harder. This is exactly when you see what kind of people they are or even how that individual person is. You could see if they are smart or unfortunately not the brightest people on the earth. If they give up too easy you now know that they are either lazy or not capable of solving. But if you see that they are moving the phone at different angles and talking within themselves then you got a smart bunch or intelligent individual.

Once they solve it (if they solve it) you can congratulate them and thank them for their help. You could say how smart they are and just ask “why you guys so smart?” When you do this you are complimenting them and they see how honest you are and most likely thank you. Then after the thank you they could answer your question and guess what you broke the ice. But what if they could not solve it? Then you still thank them and say it’s okay ill just figure it out another day. Then move on to ask for their names. You could say”Oh, I’m sorry I was rude, what are your names”? And after this introduction you could ask do you guys enjoy doing this or something else you prefer? There it goes you just broke the ice. No matter the outcome the phone helps you to break that hard frozen ice and open conversations with everyone.

And my question to you guys is what did you guys think about this article? Please leave a comment. Thank you.

(c) 2014 Aurus Sanchez


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