Secrets to conversation

How Your Camera can be the Ultimate Wingman



What in the world is this? How can this really be a conversation opener? Well, guess what, it sure is. This has been a technique I have thought of and actually have used to meet different people that I have gotten entries by their eye contact. Once I have gotten eye contact and I’m good to go I have used this to start everything off. This technique can be used at any place and at any moment. From the deep heart of South Africa all the way to Hawaii. And from 5 in the morning till the stars come out, can this technique be useful.

But in order to accomplish the huge success using this method you must have a buddy with you. It’s the most crucial part about the entire system of “Camera Trickography”. But make sure it’s just not anybody. You have to make that sure you are confident about this person and their capability of being friendly.  And hopefully you both have great, funny chemistry back and forward. It does not matter if you use a guy friend or female friend. The second thing you will definitely need is a camera. Please don’t use your phone cameras and I’ll get back to that point later on. Once you got your partner and the camera, get ready for some action coming your way.

So now how does it go down? First of all you want to start off from technique one which is to observe and target the person you wish to engage in a conversation. Once you and your friend spot them and agree on it begin your eye contact and always have that million dollar smile to ease your way in. (These three techniques can be found in earlier chapters of this book). You want that entry to make sure that you know that they are approachable. Once you get the door opened its time to for business.

So you approach the target and with a naïve smile you ask in the most proper educated way if they can take a picture of you and your friend. Now this is when the acting skills come to play. Your friend must be smiling too at the same time and while you give the camera you guys or girls just hug each other one time and be excited saying “How long has it been”?

See when they first hear you speak or they open the door for you their inner guard is active. It’s protecting the other person because as we said before they don’t have a clue who you are. So politely you are asking for a simple task that anyone can do even a crippled monkey. Your focus appears not to be them. All you want is them to take a picture of you and your buddy in which you haven’t seen in a while.(But in reality it’s all acting) So automatically their fear goes down because all they got to do is take a picture. No harm can be done there. But all you are doing is getting the person comfortable and knowing that you exist. Your presence is there. They know now it!

So then what ……You ask them if they can at least take two or three pictures. You really don’t care because you know your buddy that you probably see them on a daily basis. But when you guys take the picture, you must really pretend you guys are into the pictures and you miss each other. So after you sneakily show up and in a matter of seconds you are able to lower their inner guard with just a simple request. Can you please take a picture of us? So easy! It’s as easy as adding one plus one. It doesn’t get easier than this.

No college class or extremely complicated out of this world trigonometry courses are needed to understand it and actually do it. Just go up and say please take the picture. Then you and your friend show off your acting skills and if you don’t have any or have very little then just fake it till you make it. But if you fake it because you have no experience in acting, which I find hard to believe it because at some point we have all acted something in our lifetime. But if you fake it then it could be seen as kind of suspicious. So if you have no skills then make sure your other partner has at least some. They can help you out and you could just follow the leader. In other words go along.

So after the pictures are taken the only thing that will happen is that the camera will be returned. It’s the normal thing to do. And life keeps going on. But what should he or she do once the camera is returned? Very simple. All you got to do is the “TATA”. What is the TATA? You might say that is sounds like a baby’s first words. And it sure does but what TATA stands for is “Thank, Ask, Thank, Ask”. Don’t be confused because it’s actually very simple and direct. Anywhere you go you can use this method and it works 95 percent of the times. But how about the other five percent? It might not work sometimes because some people might be too busy to help us take the picture.

They could be in a rush because they are running late to their ultimate career presentation that might change their life. No pressure. Or they are rushing to get home because in any second there bladder will explode and spray bright yellow urine all over the sidewalk. Do you really need to see that? Some might say, can their pee be as bright as the yellow sun? It could be possible. So going back how could we incorporate the TATA? First of all I still don’t know what it is! Aurus just please tell us. Fine, I will. Just remember to use wisely and only when they are approachable. This has been my baby and I have nurtured the technique so it can be very successful. Here it goes!

Once you get the camera back in a smiling polite way “thank” them for helping you out with the picture. Because in reality they did not have to help you out. They could have just said no and live on with their daily lives. You probably interrupted their evening from getting home and watching “game of thrones”. Or you delayed their morning into going to catch the matinee at their local theater. So always be grateful. It shows warmth and who doesn’t enjoy the company or even meeting gracious pleasant people?

Unless you are a misanthrope. ( A misanthrope is someone who hates people overall). So after the thanks you immediately ask a question. You ask “how do we look”. Don’t panic. This line is not a pick up line and some people might say that it’s obvious what I’m doing. I’m just trying to elongate the communication. It is the truth. You are making it longer but it’s a normal question to ask after a picture is taken. Everyone in the entire world does it. After any picture is taken we always want to know, how did I come out? Do I look fat, skinny, handsome, pretty, pretty ugly, horrifying, breath taking and so on. So you ask them, how we look. You ask this because it’s you and your buddy in the picture. But when you ask this straightforward question just make sure your hands shows the picture closer to their face. An easy trick that puts their attention on the camera. If you don’t do this they don’t see the picture and probably forgot how you guys looked like. After viewing the photo they can give you any answer.  So let’s say they said “You girls look fine”. Then you can either do two things. You can keep going with the formula in which the next step is to thank them again and for the finisher ask them for their names. But the second slight alternative you can do is making a quick joke about the photo.

Let’s say after they give you their opinion and they say it looks fine you can quickly say “So we look ugly”? And then give a small laugh. Or if they say you guys look awesome then you can say “So we just look awesome, not super awesome? Remember always give off a big smile or laugh at the end of each corny joke. These are not groundbreaking earth shattering gut laughing jokes. They are only simple corny gags that show that you are not dangerous. Just want to be kind and give off some happiness. But whichever method you prefer they are both okay. By this point you thank again for the picture and finally you ask for their name. This is so productive because by this point you asked for a simple task and you laughed or smile. You also thanked them for helping you out. This takes a matter of approximately 45seconds to one minute. And because they helped you want to know their name. People always give their name. They just do. People love to hear themselves talk even if it’s just stating their name. So give them that opportunity and they take it. From here on you can keep it going or just cut it there depending on how everything went. And now you learned someone else’s name. If you see them again that day or later on you now know them. It’s much easier to start a conversation again because both of you know that a previous situation you guys met. You guys shared a quick or even longer bonding moment with your camera. That will never be forgotten.

What a piece of cake. Always have in mind that it’s just a picture. Relax, relax and relax again. Now what if you are too nervous?

So you are too nervous? You have no confidence to do this. Well, if you are a female or male just sit in the stall at the bathroom and close your eyes. The following exercise is an excellent “Visualization Practice”. Anytime you feel no confidence just repeat this.(If interested in this practice a lot more are found in “The Charisma Myth” written by Olivia Fox Cabane).(Such an excellent book that teaches how anyone can master the art of being charismatic. Many exercises are written in this book in which have helped me and many others. So with her book and mine together you will be a master at conversation) After you close your eyes begin to remember a past experience where you absolutely triumphant. As you imagine it just hear the people’s claps and see their smiles in your mind. All you are really doing is experiencing the great feelings and the warm glow of confidence will begin to rise up. This really does work. Just be in a state of calm and actually visualize everything because we have all succeeded in moments in our lives. We just have to remember. This can all be done because you’re not alone doing it. You are with someone else. Both of you can endure through it. The buddy system in this particular method is fantastic. It works 95 percent of the time with only a few exceptions. Go out and practice it. Challenge yourself and your friends. The more fun you are having the better it will come out. If you are all tense up about it all the might come out is nervousness that will screw everything up. Don’t over think it. You are not accepting a new career or marrying a stranger or investing in the stock market. All you are doing is meeting someone by thanking and asking them baby questions. What If they rush or don’t converse back? Who cares? It’s their loss. But it’s so darn easy people won’t reject you. And you are able to tackle down their inner guard without actually doing too much work. Just by using a simple piece of technology. But one last tip! Never use your phone cameras because if you do it’s kind of suspicious. In most phones today that we all have, the camera can turn around and just by holding it we can take selfies and beautiful representations of us. So if you can do that why ask people to take a photo of us? That’s weird and people might flee away and might think wrong about what you up to. All we want to do is break the ice. And we can do it. Use Camera Trickography and any success stories I would love to hear from you guys. All you got to do is email me at In detail tell me everything that happened. I’m so excited to be sharing this information with everyone and now the show must keep going. How else can we open up the roads of conversation? By using our everyday smart phones.

And my question to you guys is what did you guys think about this article? Please leave a comment. Thank you.

(c) 2014 Aurus Sanchez




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