Secrets to conversation

What everybody ought to know about Honest Compliments


GENUINE ADMIRATION……      What the hell does this  mean? At first you might not understand it but give it a couple of seconds and you’ll comprehend but for all of my impatient readers the tile is just saying “Honest Compliment”. That’s it! If you understood immediately then you are a genius and if it took you a bit longer to understand then you are semi-geniuses. But for the rest who didn’t know then all of you guys including myself have to go back to school. Just kidding, but let’s all start with his first technique.

Something that really works in the real life situation is a compliment. What is a compliment? Its juts when you politely or someone else expression admiration for either anything your wearing to your personality. People love receiving compliments because many times it makes their days. They could be having the worst day of their life and let’s say someone comes along and out of their heart they see something admirable and they tell the other person. The compliment could be as small as nice watch but even though you might think it’s not much it really is. The other person after you leave will be thinking about the compliment and especially the way you said it.

They might be thinking something like” Wow someone noticed my cute dimples; I guess I am pretty good looking”. They also might be thinking “Wow the way he told me, how he was a fan of star wars and how he liked my R2-D2 watch shows that I got good style and he was checking me out”.  As you can see people minds tend to wander off in a positive way and as a conversationalist or learning to be one we must learn to make people happy while they speak to us. )

And my question to you guys is what did you guys think about this article? Please leave a comment. Thank you.

(c) 2014 Aurus Sanchez



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