Secrets to conversation

See Why Giving false Compliments can be Extremely Dangerous




Don’t Give False Compliments. STOP BEING FAKE!!!

Now why you might do such a thing? You might do it because:

  • Your desperate to start off a conversation


  • Your using them
  • You want to be liked


First of all if you meet someone and you hit it off but you never have the feeling off actually giving a compliment just don’t do it. No one is forcing you to do such a thing. He or she does not have a gun pointed at your forehead screaming and telling you that if you don’t compliment them, you will perish! Such a thing does not exist but if you are in a situation like that then you’re talking to extremely psycho people. I would suggest going somewhere else and meeting new people. Giving a compliment should come naturally like something about them just impresses you or you see something that you like. For example if Crystal sees that Mr.Wilton has a great bushy mustache and she enjoys the sight and feel of a mustache then she can compliment him. Or if Mr. Torres sees that Anna has a warming smile then he can compliment her. But only if they really mean it should they say something. If u have to look at this person carefully over and over then please don’t compliment. It’s better to say nothing than lie or utter stupid things. Remember if something doesn’t catch your attention about anything then keep the mouth shut because believe it or not we can all point out when someone is being phony. A quick example could be like when we have a dirty crappy shirt on and someone comes up and says “Hey what a beautiful shirt is that new?” First of all that entire shirt probably is old and stinks of sweat. There might be a remote slight chance that they actually like it. But if they have two working eyes and they can see that your shirt looks old why ask if it’s new? Of course I’m just throwing an example so all of you can understand. Don’t be near fake people. It’s a waste of your precious time and sooner or later they are hard to trust. So now why might someone give a false compliment if they really don’t mean it at all. The first reason is because desperation has attacked you and you don’t know how to fight it off.  Its either you approaching or in the middle of the conversation. When you first approach you give the compliment to start it off like nice shoes, or I love your hairstyle. Or even maybe I’m in love with your socks, where can I get a pair? I would like to match you (sounds a bit creepy but you get my drift). Now doing this it first shows you have good intentions and you’re trying to practice your conversation openers which are fantastic! I encourage it to keep it going. 95 percent off the time when you begin with a positive attitude and throw in a compliment it’s like giving a little gift of love. They are powerful gifts that lower the person’s inner guard. But if you don’t mean it’s because desperation has come. You are desperate because you feel like you nothing to say at all. You just want to break the ice with your huge symbolic sledge hammer. But what you don’t know……….(TO BE CONTINUED)

(c) 2014 Aurus Sanchez


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